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This exclusive collection of knitted chandeliers favours graphic, clean lines

and a high-quality local craftsmanship.

Designed on the same principle as a utility light, although these lamps feature sophisticated entanglements, they could not be simpler to use. The user can select the suspension point of his choice thanks to a single-plug connection.

The wool used to cover it is imported from Italy and knitted in Montreal.

Six meters of decorative electrical cable allow the wires to loop and fall in multiple configurations. The collection features two sizes: 

The large chandelier

9 sockets

84 cm - 33 in. high x 82 cm - 32 in. wide / without the cables and bulbs

The small chandelier

3 sockets

47 cm - 18 ½ in. high x 46 cm - 18 in. wide/ without the cables and bulbs


Espace Pépin Coin Maison

378 Saint Paul St West, Montréal, Canada .

Montreal Museum of fine Arts . Boutique '' Once upon a time... the Western''

1380 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Canada

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